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  • Mulpin Technology

    Mulpin’s technology consists of components with connections on multiple planes that are buried into multi-layer PCBs.

  • Tesla coil testing

    Mulpin’s PCBs have withstood 1 Million volt discharges from a Tesla coil and 800 watt radiation from a microwave oven. They also have shown 70% improvement in heat dissipation and 86 dB improvement in EMI, (that’s 400 million times better) immunity compared to standard PCBs.

  • 96 Pin Component

    Designed for a 5 layer PCB

  • 4 Layer PCB (Multi Layer Mulpin Component)

  • 20 pin Mulpin Component


Mulpin Technology is a new patented concept of embedding Mulpin electronic components within a multi-layered printed circuit board (PCB), unlike conventional surface mounted components which are susceptible to the elements. Mulpin components will change the PCB manufacturing process and the PCB industry as we know it by adding a dramatic improvement to the way PCBs are manufactured and improve their overall performance and reliability.

Mulpin’s innovative approach to component design, being embedded within Printed Circuit Board (PCB) creates unique advantages:

  • Reducing PCB and component size by 50% or better, lowering the cost of materials and manufacturing ( essential in production of commercial and consumer electronics, recycling of components )
  • Improving heat dissipation resulting in increased PCB lifespan and dependability ( vital in medical devices, aerospace modules and all electronics )
  • Creating resistance to RFI1, EMI2, EMP3, moisture, vibration and dust ( crucial in back-up systems, remote installations, military hardware and communications )
  • Mulpin system results in smaller, lighter, durable electronic products with green environmental footprint.
1Radio Frequency Interference (RFI), 2Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), 3Electromagnetic Pulse

Mulpin Components are at least 50% smaller

The drawings below illustrates a scale comparison between an already-miniature MSOP8 conventional Integrated Circuit and a Mulpin equivalent MSOP8 (renamed -MSOR8) (round package) Integrated Circuit that has better performance than the MSOP8.

Conventional MSOP8 Integrated Circuit
Mulpin MSOR8 Integrated Circuit

Mulpin Embedded Component and a Conventional Surface Mounted Component PCB

The Plan and Elevation view below illustrates the zero profile a Mulpin component has when embedded within a *PCB compared to conventional component of the same type. Mulpin components are a minimum of 50% smaller which reduces the PCB area by the same. Additional benefits include better heat dissipation and full protection from RFI water, dust and vibration. The "Protection Lid" seals out all the elements.

*PCB (Print Circuit Board) - RFI (Radio Frequency Interference)

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